Michał "Sepe" Wręga (who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw) and Daniel "Chazme” Kalinowski (who graduated from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning in Warsaw) – some of the most interesting street artists in the country today. Invited to international exhibitions and reviews of the latest art in Europe (e.g.: STROKE – the Urban Art Fair).The combination of Sepe's painting skills with Chazme's architectural knowledge creates a fresh quality that definitely singles out this duo in the arena of European street art.

The Łódź mural of this duo, "Dethronement", located at 9 Próchnika Street, was created in 2011 as part of the Urban Forms Gallery project.


Sepe & Chazme - Detronizacja, 2011, Lodz, fot. K.K. detal

Sepe & Chazme - "Detronizacja" - fragment, 2011. Łódź, fot. K.K.


Sepe x Chazme x Cekas x Proembrion x Tone - Odzyski, 2014, source blog cekas

Sepe & Chazme & Cekas & Proembrion & Tone - "Odzyski", 2014. Łódź, Polska. Źródło:


Sepe - Another Brick In The Wall, 2016, Washington D.C. source sepeusz blogspot

Sepe - "Another Brick In The Wall", 2016. Washington D.C., USA. Źródło:


Sepe x Chazme - Blue in Green, 2016, Budapeszt, source

Sepe & Chazme - "Blue in Green", 2016. Budapeszt, Węgry. Źródło:


Sepe x Chazme - The Trial of Joseph K, 2016, Włochy, source chazme718.blogspot

Sepe & Chazme - "The Trial of Joseph K.", 2016. Fondi, Włochy. Źródło:

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