Nespoon started to create in public space in 2009. She creates positive art and often through her works provides commentary on current sociological or political phenomena important for her. Most often she uses the technique of traditional lace print hand-made by folk artists which she makes of clay or paints on the walls. The artist uses, however, various media, some of her works are made of ceramics and concrete, others of yarn. Beautiful, lace patterns, often placed on unappealing, pockmarked walls, beautify tenements and bring optimism.I had been passionate about street art for a long time, I had photographed a lot but somehow I'd not been able to see myself creeping down a deserted railway siding with a can of paint on a dark night. I'd never looked for this sort of adrenaline rush. Besides, I did not want to do the same things that others were already doing. One day it just occurred to me to combine street art with my other passion, ceramics – the artist says. – And why lace? Because there is a universal code readable around the world hidden in lace. In each piece of lace you can find the element of harmony, balance and natural order. Isn't that what everyone is looking for?– she adds. In September 2017, she was a guest of the Łódź of Four Cultures Festival and created an amazing installation. Her work can be seen in the courtyard of 3 Piotrkowska Street.


NeSpoon Lodz 2017 ph Wojciech Jaskolski

NeSpoon. 2017 Łódź, Polska. Fot. Wojciech Jaskólski


NeSpoon - 2015, Wroclaw, Polska.2015. Źródło:

NeSpoon.Warsaw.PL.2009.01 2

NeSpoon - 2009. Warsaw, Polska. Źródło:

NeSpoon.Bialystok.PL.02 2

NeSpoon - Bialystok,Polska. Źródłó:

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