Hong Kong

Jane Lee (MeiMei Lee), known under the alias Messy Desk – an artist and illustrator. She is a member of the Japan Illustrators' Association and the illustrator community in Hong Kong. Her drawing style is similar to the European comic book style. The artist has very strong ties to France. She was invited there for the Comic Book Festival, where she received an award as the most promising comic book artist. Her exhibitions took place in France, Germany, USA, Great Britain, and many other European countries.

Her mural in Łódź is her first large-format project. It was created in 2015, in collaboration with the University of Łódź. It is titled “The Tower of Babel” and can be viewed at the 14th Dormitory of the University of Łódź, inhabited mainly by foreigners who are learning to speak Polish.


Messy Desk - Wieża Babel, 2015, Łódź, source AFUF

Messy Desk - "Wieża Babel", 2015. Łódź, Polska. Źródło: Archiwum FUF


Messy Desk - wystawa sklepowa dla Crocodile, 2015, source

Messy Desk - wystawa sklepowa dla Crocodile, 2015. Źródło:


Messy Desk - Ilustracja na wydarzenie IBM, 2016, JW Marriott Hotel, Macau, source

Messy Desk - Ilustracja na wydarzenie IBM, 2016. JW Marriott Hotel, Macau. Źródło:


Messy Desk - 2015, The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong, source

Messy Desk - witryna sklepowa, 2015. The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong. Źródło:

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