Manolo Mesa – born in 1989, a Spanish artist living and working in the port city of El Puerto de Santa Maria.

His painting is a metaphor for life, encounter, and loneliness. An iconography of the absurdity of existence which goes beyond the physical. He is interested in the symbol of a painting, metaphysical silence, in which the past intertwines with the present. A street-art “poet”, curious about people and the world, he believes that one's attitude and resilience create one's identity.  

The artist's mural in Łódź came to being in 2016 and can be found at 75 Kilińskiego Street.


Manolo Mesa - bez tytulu, 2016, Lodz, fot. G. Stezala

Manolo Mesa - bez tytułu, 2016. Łódź, Polska. Fot. G. Stężała


Manolo Mesa - Le Joueur de flûte de Menilmontant, 2016, source manolo mesa fb

Manolo Mesa - "Le Joueur de flûte de Menilmontant", 2016. Paryż, Francja. Źródło:

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