Johannes Mundinger was born in 1982 in Offenburg, Germany. He studied in Munich and Brussels. He is currently based in Berlin, where he is part of the Urban Spree Gallery. Johannes creates murals and interactive installations, often with site-specific elements. His works can be seen not only on the streets but also in art galleries and museums

In August 2017, he was one of four artists working in Stare Polesie in Łódź as part of the “Off Galeria 2.0” project. He created a mural together with the Russian artist Ivan Ninety. Their work called Still Life with Adler was inspired by the work of Jankiel Adler.


070 Johannes Mundinger Ivan Ninety bez tytulu 2017. Lodz Polska. Fot. P. Trzezwinski

Johannes Mundinger Ivan Ninety- "Still life with Adler" 2016. Łódź, Polska. Fot. P. Trzeźwiński

johannes mundinger boulogne mer 01

Johannes Mundinger - 2016. Boulogne sur Mer, Francja. Źródło:


johannesmundinger transit muenster 01

Johannes Mundinger- "Transit", 2016. Munster, Niemcy. Źródło:


johannes mundinger urbanspree galerie mural berlin wall painting street art urban art abstract graffiti

Johannes Mundinger - part of solo exhibition at Urban Spree Galerie, 2016. Berlin, Niemcy Źródło:

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