Ivan Ninety was born in the small Russian town of Protvino located in the Moscow region. At the age of 16, he became interested in street art, starting like many artists from tagging. After some time, his interest in other forms of art, such as large-format painting, collage, sculpture or photography, grew.

In his works, a mix of geometric abstraction and figurative realism can be seen. The technique he uses most often is collage, which as he says – “is a powerful tool because the final effect is always different”. He often uses old, unnecessary items for his installations abandoned toys, instruments, tools and other objects whose texture reflects the passage of time.

Ivan Ninety is one of four artists co-creating the project “Off Gallery 2.0”. In August 2017, together with the German artist Johannes Mundinger, he created a mural in Stare Polesie. Their work called Still Life with Adler was inspired by the work of Jankiel Adler.


059 Johannes Mundinger Ivan Ninety bez tytulu 2018. Lodz Polska. Fot. P. Trzezwinski

Ivan Ninety Johannes Mundinger - "Still life with Adler" 2016. Łódź, Polska. Fot. P. Trzeźwiński


Ivan Ninety - "Wood airship" 2017. Źródło: www.behance.net/ninetyclouds


protvino rosja

Ivan Ninety - "Counterculture" 2016, Protvino, Rosja.. Źródło: www.behance.net/ninetyclouds

random composition

Ivan Ninety - "Random compositions" series of installations 2015. Źródło: www.behance.net/ninetyclouds

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