Devoid of vivid colors, but very intimate, though large-format works of Hyuro, an Argentinian artist creating murals throughout Europe, have their very own unique style. Currently living in Valencia, she is known for her characteristic black and white murals, paintings and drawings.The artist started with easel painting, which, after meeting with the artist named Escif, she abandoned for street art. She has created a huge number of murals in Western Europe, especially in Spain. Hyuro has managed to gain an exceptional position in street art thanks to her unique style which is a mix of politics and surrealistic sensibility originating from dreams. In her works, Hyuro often presents also ordinary women. Her works are extremely intimate, as if the artist used the wall like a mirror.
As the artist herself says, she is not ready to define her own work yet. Most of her inspiration comes from everyday life and her own experiences. I look into myself and try to analyze. Ordinary fears, misgivings, and questions about identity and freedom I am interested in all that, and I translate it into the language of art she says in interviews.
In September 2017, she participated in the Łódź of Four Cultures Festival and created an amazing large-format painting on the wall at 3a Cmentarna St. 


 DSC 0070

Hyuro - 2017. Łódź, Polska. Fot. Hyuro

fot. aruallan 683x1024

Hyuro - 2017. Oostende, Belgia. Źródło: Hyuro

fot. hyuro 1024x685

Hyuro- "Autogestione" 2016. Rzym, Włochy. Fot. Hyuro


fot2. hyuro 1024x727

Hyuro - Walencja, Hiszpania. Fot. Hyuro

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