Egon Fietke - Andrzej Miastkowski, born in 1967 in Łódź. A graduate of cultural studies at the University of Łódź. The beginnings of his street-art activity are connected with Gdańsk. He actively co-created the first wave of Polish stencil-spray graffiti. He is interested in the cosmos and extraterrestrial civilizations. His main motif is futurism, and as he himself says, “The universe is an art which moves, it has a magical and metaphysical element”.

In 2015 Egon Fietke participated in the project OFF GALLERY, creating a mural at 12 Pogonowskiego Street called “The Madonna of the Astronauts”, inspired by Wacław Kondek's painting with the same title. In 2016, on one of the walls of Łódź, “Vulpid with a Capybara” came into existence.

Egon Fietke - Lisowaty z kapibarą, 2016, Lodz, source AFUF

Egon Fietke - "Lisowaty z kapibarą", 2016. Łódź, Polska. Źródło: Archiwum FUF


Egon Fietke - Madonna Astronautów, 2015, Łódź, source AFUF

Egon Fietke - "Madonna Astronautów", 2015. Łódź, Polska. Źródło: Archiwum FUF


Egon Fietke - Instruktor, 2014, Łódź, source

Egon Fietke - "Instruktor", 2014. Łódź, Polska. Źródło:


Egon Fietke - Kot diagnostyk, 2015, Łódź, source

Egon Fietke - "Kot diagnostyk", 2015. Łódź, Polska. Źródło:

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