Daniel "Chazme” Kalinowski (a graduate of the Architecture and Urban Planning Department in Warsaw) along with Michał “Sepe” Wręga (a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts) are two of the most interesting street artists in the country. They are invited to international exhibitions and reviews of the latest art in Europe (among others, STROKE – the Urban Art Fair). The juxtaposition of Sepe's painting abilities and the architectural experience of Chazme creates a new quality which definitely makes this duo stand out among the European street art community.

The mural which the duo created in Łódź, titled “Dethronement”, situated at 9 Próchnika Street, came into being in 2011 during the Urban Forms Gallery project.


Chazme x Sepe - Detronizacja, 2011, Lodz, fot. K.K. detal

Chazme & Sepe - "Detronizacja" - fragment, 2011. Łódź, fot. K.K.


Chazme x Sepe x Cekas x Proembrion x Tone - Odzyski, 2014, source blog cekas

Chazme & Sepe & Cekas & Proembrion & Tone - "Odzyski", 2014. Łódź, Polska. Źródło:


Chazme x Sepe - Blue in Green, 2016, Budapeszt, source

Chazme & Sepe - "Blue in Green", 2016. Budapeszt, Węgry. Źródło:


Chazme x Mozi x TrafficDesign - Monumentalcity - relief, 2016, Gdynia, source

Chazme & Mozi & TrafficDesign - "Monumentalcity" - relief, 2016. Gdynia, źródło:


Chazme x Sepe - The Trial of Joseph K, 2016, Fondi, Włochy, source

Chazme & Sepe - "The Trial of Joseph K.", 2016. Fondi, Włochy. Źródło:


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