Aryz – a Spanish artist who stepped onto the world stage of street art with a hit in 2009. Despite his young age, he has excellent artistic abilities, and the diversity of the topics he presents and the perfect form of Aryz's pieces put him in the same category as the most known street artists of the world. He usually creates large-format pieces, but he is just as impressive on walls with a smaller surface area. Currently, he is one of the most interesting and most liked figures on the international scene of urban art.

For the Urban Forms Foundation, Aryz created two murals on his own (“The Love Letter” at 67 Pomorska Street for the Urban Forms Gallery 2011 and “Still Life” at 16 Politechniki Avenue for the Urban Forms Gallery 2012, as well as one mural in collaboration with OsGemeos (“Untitled” at 5 Roosvelta Street for the Urban Forms Gallery 2012.)


Aryz - Still Alive, 2012, Lodz, source AFUF

Aryz - "Still Alive", 2012. Łódź, źródło: Archiwum FUF


Aryz - Love letter, 2011, Lodz, source AFUF

Aryz - "Love letter", 2011. Łódź, źródło: Archiwum FUF


Aryz - Collapse, 2016, Holandia, source facebook aryz.aryz

Aryz - Collapse, 2016. Haarlem, Holandia. Źródło:


Aryz - bez tytułu, 2015, Wenezuela, source facebook aryz.aryz

Aryz - bez tytułu, 2015. Maracay, Wenezuela. Źródło:

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